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Developed for ease of use, easy storage and saving time, AccuQuilt products include a premiere line of fabric cutting systems.  The GO! Trilogy of fabric cutters cut up to six layers of 100% cotton at a time.

Plus, over 200 GO! Fabric cutting dies have been created for use with the different fabric cutters.  More than 1000 quilting patterns and a wide range of quilting resources are also available to help quilters.  Along with our ever expanding line of dies, AccuQuilt recently introduced the GO! Qube line.  The GO! Qube makes quilting so easy that all the quilter has to do is “Just Add Fabric”.

Adirondack Quilts is a Signature Dealer for Accuquilt and is happy to demo how easy the system is use and how much time you will save cutting your fabrics!!!

Check out our AccuQuilt products here
    • 22 Fifth St. South Glens Falls, NY 12803
    • Phone: (518) 615-0134
    • Tues. - Sat. - 9am-5pm
    • Sun. and Mon. - CLOSED
    •  *Closed for major Holidays call ahead or check the class calendar*