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Ease of Use -From in front of the quilt you can advance with the touch of the pedal. Makes quilting go faster, less trips to end of machine. 

Even Loading -With Roll it Quilt it you are able to adjust the quilt as it rolls onto the Take UP pole smoothing the quilt as it moves forward

Work with Pro-Stitcher -Drag and Drop works great when advancing the quilt on the Take Up pole while standing in front of the quilt.

Foot Pedal -The Pedal has a 10 ft cord attached to the Roll it Quilt it motor which allows you to control the quilt from either the front or back of the frame.

Easy Installation -Attaching the Roll it Quilt it is so simple. Just add the supplied coupler and clamp the plate to the frame with two bolts.

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Roll It - Quilt It